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Sparc's Janitorial Service, Sparcling Clean, has been in operation for almost 30 years. Sparcling Clean Janitorial Service is very competitive and would like to work with you in an effort to reduce your company's janitorial expenses.

We are striving to increase our market share in order to provide a greater number of opportunities to qualified members of our community, while others transition to independent employment. Sparcling Clean Janitorial Service allows individuals to obtain on-the-job janitorial training that can be utilized for future employment in the community, which is our ultimate goal.

Sparcling Clean offers full janitorial services, customized to meet your needs.
We work will all types of buildings and businesses, including:
  • Office Buildings
  • Government
  • Banks
  • Retail
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Day Care Centers
  • Auto Dealers
Sparcling Clean Janitorial Services offers:
  • Office Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Floor Waxing and Buffing
  • Regular Cleanings
  • One-Time Service
Our cleaning services are offered on a number of schedules. Sparcling Clean can provide janitorial services on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis or even a one-time cleaning. We will customize our program to fit your needs.
Call 217-793-2100 - ext 145 or email for more information.