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The contractual work area at Sparc's Developmental Training facility allows individuals to learn and use vocational skills with the possibility to earn paychecks. Office and small assembly work is performed under contract with local businesses and agencies. This developmental training helps with self-esteem building and independence, and gives the individuals an opportunity to contribute to society.
Sparc can help you and your business with tedious and time-consuming tasks that get in the way of the many other responsibilities you have. Let our individuals help you with light assembly, sorting, organizing, shredding, collating, stuffing envelopes and folders, labeling, binding, packaging and other tasks.
How Sparc contractual work can benefit your business:
  • Cut costs without sacrificing quality: we follow the quality control standards that you set.
  • Eliminate expensive temporary help: we can help you economically address temporary increases in your work load.
  • Outsource simple tasks: we can provide full-time, year-round service.
  • Use a local resource to your advantage - since Sparc is located in Springfield, you'll have no shipping costs and no time delays due to shipping.
  • Book binding.
  • Packaging hardware.
  • Collating pamphlets.
  • Place stickers on promotional items as needed.
Job placement and supported employment, with the assistance of our vocational specialists, has led to individuals "graduating" from the program and independently working on their own.

For more information on how Sparc can help you or your business, call (217) 793-2100 ext. 145 or email